martedì 24 novembre 2015

Arch-01 v5.50

Arch-01 it is a set of tools that make Cinema4D similar to a CAD software.
With Arch-01 you can:

Drawing Tools:
- Draw Linear Spline as CAD like precision
- Draw Arc Spline as CAD like precision
- Draw Circular Spline as CAD like precision
- Draw Rectangle Spline as CAD like precision

Modeling Tools:
- Make a Polygon from Spline
- Cut a Polygon with Spline
- Cut selection Polygons
- Copy selection Polygons
- Paste selection Polygons- Clone selection Polygons

Position Tools:
- Move an object from point to point snap
- Place an object or object copy on surface polygons normal
- Replace objects with Instanze

Measurement Tools (in real Time):
- Get 2 points Distance
- Get Length Spline
- Get Area Selection Polygons
- Add Parametric Objects for distance, altimetric, angular

Arch-01 v5.50 OverView:

Arch-01 v5.00 Tools: Drawing Tools + Excalibur and Make Polygon

Arch-01 v5.00 Tool: Object Dimension

Arch-01 v5.00 Precision Mover

Arch-01 v5 00 Tool: Surface Alligner

Arch-01 v5.00 Tools: Surface Alligner + RePlacer

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