venerdì 26 giugno 2020

Frame Generator by developer: Caleidos4D

DoctorTab is a simple plugin for organise TABS all your opened Cinema4D Projects like Photoshop or Google Chrome. The plugin automatically create a floating window with TABS so you can hang into the Cinema4D main layout for quickly recall.  We also created an X for close project and "New" document quick button.

- Automatic TAB creation
- New Project as first TAB
- Automatic Folding when you have too much opened scene


mercoledì 22 aprile 2020

Frame Generator Plugin

Frame Generator by developer: Caleidos4D

Frame Generator is an amazing plugin for build Picture Frames or Photo Frames with a few clicks. The plugin come with some frame shapes for standard use but you can edit them via internal viewport editor that allow you to change the shape quickly.
You can also put inside the plugin folder your self modelled spline shape. The Frame Generator works with all rendering engines.


  • - You can choose from a set of internal spline shapes
  • - Viewport frame editing with save feature
  • - You can edit the CardBoard with a slider
  • - Material Slots for: Picture, Frame, CardBoard and Glass
  • - Own spline shape internal folder
  • - Frame Generator work with all rendering engines
  • - Resizable picture into the frame
  • - Aspect Ratio Lock for unwanted picture deformation
  • - Adjustable Size and position of the Glass


venerdì 13 dicembre 2019

AutoFocus Plugin

Auto Focus by developer: Caleidos4D

Auto Focus is a Tag plugin for to focus object surface in realtime during camera movements or objects animation. As auto focus features of a Reflex Camera you can move object and camera without think about lost the target focus. Also the plugin show a Focus icon into the Viewport to see the focused surface.


venerdì 29 novembre 2019

Black Friday / Cyber Monday 2019

Black Friday / Cyber Monday 2019

Only the days from 29 November to 2 December 2019
ArchitecturalPACK will be discounted by 30%


have a good shopping!

domenica 6 ottobre 2019

Edificius BIM2

Novità Importanti in casa ACCA software

Edificius, si aggiorna alla versione BIM 2, portando con se importanti novità, tra cui il nuovo ambiente di lavoro Edificius-MEP dedicato alla modellazione BIM degli impianti.

Edificius è una soluzione dedicata ai professionisti, un fiore all'occhiello di tecnologia BIM made in Italy, con un curva di apprendimento molto intuitiva. E' possibile affrontare tutti gli aspetti della progettazione architettonica sia 2D che 3D, ottenendo elaborati tecnici quali Piante, Sezioni, Prospetti, Dettagli, Planimetrie, ecc.. di notevole pregio grafico

Edificius comprende attualmente, i seguenti ambienti di lavoro:
  • Architettonico, 
  • Terreno
  • Impianti
  • 4D - Gant
  • BIM Video Studio,
  • Computo
più tutta la completa integrazione con gli altri software dell'ecosistema

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Floor Generator

Floor Generator by developer: Caleidos4D

Floor Generator is an amazing plugin for build floor or wall with 3D tiles. With the possibility of own tile creation you can make all kind of floor or wall coverages: parquet, tiles and much more.
With its flexibility you can cover your floor with a single tile and avoid to use big textures. You can randomise texture applied with a speed of light by using more than one mat applied on it.
You can cut the external floor with a click and cover exactly what you need according to the "source" object.
You can also create two kind of raws by using the TILE A and TILE B slots for staggered boards and other kind of floors.


venerdì 7 dicembre 2018


a parametric Cinema4D Object that allows user an infinite combination of parametric Windows and Doors.
win4Doors plugin consists:
win4Doors Object and win4Doors Placer both accessible from the Cinema 4D menu Plugins

Frame Generator by developer: Caleidos4D DoctorTab is a simple plugin for organise TABS all your opened Cinema4D Projects like...