mercoledì 22 aprile 2020

Frame Generator Plugin

Frame Generator by developer: Caleidos4D

Frame Generator is an amazing plugin for build Picture Frames or Photo Frames with a few clicks. The plugin come with some frame shapes for standard use but you can edit them via internal viewport editor that allow you to change the shape quickly.
You can also put inside the plugin folder your self modelled spline shape. The Frame Generator works with all rendering engines.


  • - You can choose from a set of internal spline shapes
  • - Viewport frame editing with save feature
  • - You can edit the CardBoard with a slider
  • - Material Slots for: Picture, Frame, CardBoard and Glass
  • - Own spline shape internal folder
  • - Frame Generator work with all rendering engines
  • - Resizable picture into the frame
  • - Aspect Ratio Lock for unwanted picture deformation
  • - Adjustable Size and position of the Glass


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