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Power Selector

Power Selector by developer: Caleidos4D

Power Selector C4Dzone, Caleidos4D

Power Selector is a Cinema 4D plugin developed to help user during the selection of Mats and Texture Tags from viewport object selections.
Power Selector plugin speedup the viewport selection process and give you other kind of informations as Texture Tags, Materials and Polygons selections, you don't need to find your Mats or Tags of the objects because the plugin do it for you. Power Selector plugins works great on complex scene and the object selection is three time faster than Cinema 4D native Move tool. If you need to know what Material is assigned to an object now you can find it by using Power Selector in "Select Material" mode, in the same way you can get Texture Tags as well.

Power Selector can select all Texture Tags assigned to a random hierarchy objects to speed up the grouping action for CAD import. You can also use the Tag Selection Mode to recover polygonal selections by click into the viewport material. Last but not least you can clear all Texture Tags with missing materials [?] with a simple click for selected objects or all scene objects.

- Select objects with icon showing, name and auto search on the object manager 
- Show Texture Tag by click into the object
- Show Material by click into the object
- Select Polyong selection Tag by click into the object
- Select all Texture Tags by click into the object
- Select all similar objects by choose the related object
- Clean up Texture Tags with missing materials

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